Jean-Claude Brien

Mr. Jean-Claude Brien is a Senior Spectrum Engineer with 35 years of expertise in the field of radiocommunication, technical regulations, international negotiations and equipment certification.

Through 35 years at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) (formerly Industry Canada), the Canadian Regulator, Mr. Brien worked in increasingly senior operational and managerial positions. During his career, he worked as a broadcast engineer, mobile radiocommunication specialist during the development of standards and regulations for 2G and 3G mobile systems, manager of the mobile engineering and regulatory standards groups and director of the Certification and Engineering Bureau (CEB). Mr. Brien also acquired extensive knowledge of health-related issues relevant to radiocommunication systems and devices, particularly as director of CEB.

Mr. Brien spent more than 15 years as an active participant in the international activities of the International Telecommunication Union in both Working Group 5A (Land mobile services) and 5B (Maritime, aeronautical and radiodetermination (radar) service), with more than 10 years as the head of the Canadian delegation for WG5B. He participated at two World Radio Conferences as member of the Canadian delegation and spokesperson on WG5B issues for the ITU Region 2 (the Americas).

With broad experience in spectrum management and equipment regulations, Mr. Brien provides both high level and detailed technical advisory services that cover the wide and complex environment of spectrum management.