Dan Gardner, LL.B, M.A.

Award-winning journalist, New York Times bestselling author and highly sought after advisor to many sectors, Dan Gardner wrote the book on risk perception and the psychology behind our fears. Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear (entitled The Science of Fear in the United States) explores why we fear what we should not, do not fear what we should, and the costs these misperceptions can inflict on individuals, businesses, and governments.

As the co-lead of the Risk Communications Practice at TACTIX, Dan provides the insights and understanding clients value to effectively manage their reputations and steward their products. Dan’s depth of understanding of the psychology of risk perception provides clients with a unique ability to identify threats before they emerge, and forms the foundation of effective political and communications strategies.

Prior to joining TACTIX, Dan’s work at the Ottawa Citizen as a member of the editorial board, senior writer and national affairs columnist won him nominations and awards for every major category in Canadian newspaper journalism, including the Michener Award, the National Newspaper Award, and the Amnesty International Canada National Print Media Award.

Dan is also the author of Future Babble, a look at the dismal record of long-term predictions. He co-wrote Superforecasting with renowned Wharton psychologist Philip Tetlock, revealing those forecasters who have consistently delivered excellent results. Bloomberg, The Economist, and Amazon all named Superforecasting a “best book of 2015.” His books have been published in 24 countries and 19 languages.

Dan holds a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and a masters degree in modern history from York University. He has delivered keynote addresses around the world for audiences drawn from business, finance, and government, as well as military and intelligence agencies, and served as advisor to a former Ontario Premier.

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