Alain Côté

Mr. Alain Côté is a Senior Spectrum Management Consultant Expert with more than 35 years of relevant experience in the field of radiocommunication, broadcast undertaking and cable distribution.

Mr. Côté developed his expertise working 35 years at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), the Canadian Regulator, in various operational and managerial positions. During his career, he worked as a radiocommunication specialist in the field of frequency selection and compatibility analysis, interference and enforcement. He participated in periodic radiocommunication regulation reviews. As Project Manager, Mr. Côté led the development of RF engineering tools and spectrum management websites.

For a decade, Mr. Côté headed Spectrum Management Operations of ISED’s Québec Regional Office and was in this capacity responsible for granting radiofrequency spectrum access, planning and maintaining Spectrum Quality through compliance activities. Mr. Côté served as Director, Spectrum Operations, for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

In his last position as Director of Spectrum Operations Integration at ISED, Mr. Côté directed the development and deployment of a reengineered spectrum management system (SMS). The project’s objective was the replacement of the legacy SMS and over 200 aging spectrum management supporting tools and applications posing a significant operational risk to ISED Canada.