Government regulators and regulated companies are confronted equally with the challenge of communicating the risk associated with the safe use of chemicals, pesticides and advanced technologies such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). There is often a sharp contrast between risk perception and reality, and at times the risk is magnified by opponents to the technology.

Over the past three decades, TACTIX’ risk communications advisors have been engaged on nearly every high profile product defence mandate in Canada. The list is long and varied, but with a common thread woven through each mandate — client success is based on TACTIX’ understanding of human behaviour in contemplating risk and the formulation of public opinion.

We deploy AI based research tools that allow us to understand the depth and breadth of public engagement. From that base of understanding, we create a finely tuned risk communications strategy that aligns with the objectives of policy-makers and the regulators. Our unmatched experience in risk communications provides clients with the support and assurance they need in times of difficulty.