Dan Gardner on The Daily Show

May, 2019


Canada’s own Dan Gardner made a guest appearance via correspondent Roy Wood Jr. on The Daily Show recently, talking climate change. Intellectually, most people know it is a threat, but our caveman brains, hard-wired to recognize imminent danger, don’t feel it enough to take immediate action.

Check out Dan’s appearance and Roy’s caveman impression here (for Canadians) or here (for those of you in the U.S.).

This week, our Risk Practice leads Dan Gardner and Paul Hillier are in Europe for meetings with industry leaders talking artificial intelligence and the psychology of risk communications. Dan will address the 2019 Brussels Public Affairs Forum: True Lies and False Truths, sharing insights into how people judge risks, what that tells us about how to communicate risks, and the biggest mistake communicators keep making.

Paul in front of the Palais de Bruxelles