Award Winning Journalist, Best Selling Author Dan Gardner Joins TACTIX Public Affairs

Nov, 2018


The man who wrote the book on Risk and risk communications has joined TACTIX Public Affairs. Dan Gardner, former Ottawa Citizen editorial board member, senior writer and national affairs columnist will lend his expertise in the psychology of risk perception as part of TACTIX’ Risk Communications Practice.

“There is no one better to help our clients identify threats before they emerge by bringing his in-depth understanding of psychology to those who want to safeguard their reputations, and steward their products effectively,” said Howard Mains, managing principal of Tactix. “Building on our decades of experience, with the addition of Dan to the team, TACTIX becomes the preeminent provider of risk communications advice in North America.”

Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear (entitled The Science of Fear in the United States) explores the fundamental mismatch between human psychology shaped by the simpler world of our ancient ancestors, and the highly complex, uncertain world we live in, Risk explains why we so often fear what we should not, and don’t fear what we should. Praised by leading researchers and publications worldwide, The Economist called it “a cheery corrective to modern paranoia.” Gardner has published two other books related to perception and decision-making, including the New York Times bestseller Superforecasting. His books have been published in 24 countries and 19 languages.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay of psychology, media, and public policy, and my understanding of this dynamic is the core of my work at TACTIX,” said Gardner.

While at the Ottawa Citizen, Gardner won or was nominated for every major award in Canadian newspaper journalism, including the Michener Award, the National Newspaper Award, and the Amnesty International Canada National Print Media Award.

Based on their understanding of human behaviour, TACTIX’ risk communications experts have been engaged on many high profile product defence mandates and the formulation of public opinion and how this intersects with the objectives of policy-makers and regulators. The TACTIX team includes people with in-depth experience in politics and government, public affairs, media of all types, and communications assignments spanning North America and beyond over the past three decades.

TACTIX is one of Canada’s leading public affairs firms with specialty practices in advocacy, government procurement and risk communications. The exclusive Canadian member of The Advocacy Group (TAG), the premier state, federal, and international government and public affairs organization in the world, TACTIX works with clients in North America and the European Union.