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A broad and strategic thinker, Gordon is able to quickly visualize business and technical tradeoffs. Over many years of general business management, he has become skilled in: international marketing and exporting; high tech R&D management and product development; large program capture planning and execution; large complex proposal design, compliance, management writing; and program management, strategic planning and corporate finance.

Gordon is an entrepreneur and business leader with a Master's Degree in Aircraft Design from Cranfield University in England, and is a licensed private pilot. Gordon has a deep understanding of aviation and aerospace engineering, spacecraft design, and systems engineering. Exploiting his combination of engineering background and strong business acumen, Gordon has worked with major suppliers of vehicles, ships, aircraft and logistics support services world-wide, providing key technical and management leadership for a number of multi-billion dollar proposals.

In 1988, Gordon co-founded Excalibur Systems Limited, which grew to become a recognized and respected name in Defence Electronics worldwide. Excalibur created cutting edge Electronic Warfare training and simulation/stimulation products and successfully marketed these throughout the western world, Asia and the Middle East for 16 years.

At General Dynamics, Gordon was responsible for the Airborne group strategy and a business capture portfolio worth in excess of $1 billion. He led the capture team for UAV/UAS systems, and conceptual design teams for manned ISR platforms of various sizes and complexities, including helicopter based ISR systems. He also led work on a systems-of-systems approach to ISR, exploiting layers of platforms including; spacecraft, manned and unmanned air vehicles of various sizes and capabilities and land/naval systems, to collectively provide a complete common surveillance picture.