10 Feb, 2014

TACTIX 2014 Budget Page

Budget 2017: Focusing on Canada's Middle Class -The Sequel
10 Feb, 2014

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As always, TACTIX is striving to bring our clients and friends of the firm the best insight and analysis on the events of the day in Ottawa. We have created this page to focus on 2014 Federal Budget.

Budgets are all about choices. Choosing how billions of dollars of revenue should be allocated amongst the thousands of interests competing for those dollars. Choosing to balance the books or deciding that deficit financing is more prudent. Choosing how a government wishes to be defined by the electorate. These are choices that all Prime Ministers and Finance Ministers face when putting the finishing touches on a budget. The choices made by Prime Minister Harper andFinance Minister Flaherty are revealed in Budget 2014. Choosing to deliver a budget when Charles Hamelin, Alex Bilodeau and the Dufour-Lapointe sisters are owning the podium and Canada’s women’s and men’s Olympic hockey teams are grabbing the attention of millions more Canadians speaks volumes about the government’s intentions. Budget 2014 is about setting the stage for the critical pre-election budget in 2015. The Conservative government’s core governing theme has consistently been that they are the best economic managers on offer in Ottawa. It is absolutely vital to their 2015 re-election strategy that they rid themselves of the last vestiges of the severe economic downturn of 2008-09 and return the federal government’s books to the black. Budget 2014 confirms that they are firmly on track to achieving this overriding political objective.

Throughout the day, we will be continually adding messages from key stakeholders, headlines, new news releases and other documents relating to the 2014 Budget.

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