Gordon Frosst, M.Sc.

Senior Associate

A broad thinker, Gordon is able to quickly visualize business and technical tradeoffs. Over many years of general business management, he has developed a deep understanding of how businesses truly function and is skilled in international marketing and exporting, high tech R&D management, product development, large program capture planning and execution, program management, strategic planning and corporate finance.

Gordon has a Master’s Degree in Aircraft Design from Cranfield University in England, and has been a private pilot since the age of 15. With a passion for aircraft, Gordon has a deep understanding of aviation and aerospace engineering. Over a seven year period at SPAR aerospace, Gordon developed a detailed understanding of spacecraft design, with an emphasis on overall spacecraft configuration tradeoffs, payload accommodation and layout for communications and Earth resources missions.

In 1988, Gordon co-founded Excalibur Systems Limited, which grew to become a recognized and respected name in Defence Electronics worldwide. Excalibur created cutting edge Electronic Warfare training and simulation/stimulation products and successfully marketed these throughout the western world, Asia and the Middle East.

At General Dynamics, Gordon was responsible for the Airborne group strategy and a business capture portfolio worth in excess of $1 Billion. He led the capture team for UAV/UAS systems, and conceptual design teams for manned ISR platforms of various sizes and complexities, including helicopter based ISR systems. He also led work on a systems-of-systems approach to ISR, exploiting layers of platforms including; spacecraft, manned and unmanned air vehicles of various sizes and capabilities and land/naval systems, to collectively provide a complete common surveillance picture.