Perception Audits

One of the major challenges of managing a corporation or industry association is to present a clear, distinctive identity to government officials and legislators. A perception audit provides valuable insight into how you are viewed and allows you to create effective communication strategies to lobby for your business objectives.

We survey current Ottawa and provincial decision-makers and influencers within relevant government bodies on their awareness of your organization, your key messages, and how regulatory and legislative changes may affect your goals. The audit also measures your credibility level and the factors that create it, allowing you to maintain a positive impression or improve a poor one.

Perception audits can be a one-off snapshot of a specific issue or point in time, or they can track evolving attitudes and awareness, determining the effectiveness of your lobbying strategy on an ongoing basis. The results can signal where resources need to be allocated in order to maximize current and future benefits.

A condensed, targeted survey of government officials and legislators garners perceptions and attitudes towards your company. To guarantee accuracy and candour, the study is conducted using a blind protocol.