Mergers and Acquisitions

Canadian public policy and legislative framework, especially when combined with the political undercurrents in Ottawa, can make your merger or acquisition a delicate undertaking.

Tactix’ lobbyists offer comprehensive insight into how government decisions are made and the unseen processes that drive them. We take pains to ensure the utmost confidentiality as we advocate on behalf of your interests. A specifically tailored government relations strategy will:

  • Identify the right government decision-makers and influencers
  • Arrange tactically-timed public sector meetings on your behalf
  • Create effective written and oral messages for committee and regulatory meetings
  • Thoroughly prepare your representatives for appearances before government bodies
  • Foresee and formulate counter-strategies to campaigns directed by potential opponents towards government officials and the general public

Our Ottawa team of seasoned merger and acquisition specialists can help you successfully negotiate the complexities of the Competition Act and the Investment Canada Act as well as the political environment within which transactions occur.