Legislative Advocacy

Tactix devises effective lobbying campaigns to advocate your business goals with Canadian federal and provincial legislative bodies. Legislation is analyzed to determine the impact it may have on your company and an integrated action plan is created – whether protecting the status quo is desirable or amendments are necessary.

With each new piece of legislation, many interest groups advocate their positions to legislators. Your voice needs to be heard if your interests are to be protected. We work to ensure that your needs are always clearly and appropriately communicated to key government influencers and decision-makers.

Private members’ bills are frequently used by special interest groups to raise the profile of their issue, both in Ottawa and across Canada, often with the long-term view of effecting legislative changes five or even ten years in the future. We make sure that your organization’s position remains on the table.

Minority governments create special challenges – parliamentary committees are far more complex and a different dynamic applies to legislative and regulatory changes. Our experts skillfully navigate these unique challenges on your behalf.