Crisis Communications

When a crisis strikes, swift action can minimize damage to your company’s reputation and retain your credibility with Canadian governments. During a crisis, chaos can take over decision making, fragmented rumours can swirl in a fishbowl of media scrutiny, and thoughtfully considered analysis and decisions can be set aside.

Rather than retreat into silence, it is imperative that you seize the opportunity to influence the crisis environment. Our Ottawa based experts can help guide you through this critical period with a government relations strategy that allows reason to prevail by keeping officials on your side, giving government the opportunity to obtain necessary information, address the real issues and make an informed decision.

Tactix identifies the full range of stakeholders involved and prepares a plan that effectively communicates your company’s position and efforts to resolve the problems at hand. You receive a complete picture of how government departments and agencies deal with crisis issues, along with analysis that anticipates how this may affect your business.

We build a crisis communications strategy, unique to your current situation, which directly addresses your immediate and long-term government relations needs. For forward-thinkers, we also provide strategic training for the key personnel who will be on the frontline if and when a crisis arises, so that you are always prepared to protect and advocate on your company’s behalf.