Chemical and Product Defence

In the heated political debate around the regulation of chemicals and GMO technology, governments are under constant pressure to ensure evidence-based decisions are made. Unfortunately, there are times when governments turn to decision-based evidence.

Competing with the emotional reactions of worried consumers and the pressure tactics of activist groups requires an excellent grasp on the facts of the science combined with a proven ability to deliver that message to regulators, stakeholders and consumers. Tactix has been home to one of Canada’s best chemical and product defence practices for over 15 years. Working with clients on compounds including 2,4-D, bisphenol-A (BPA), PCBs, siloxane, triclosan, GMO technology and others, Tactix has provided expert counsel to a wide range of product stewards on working with governments to deliver plans that ensure balanced, scientific evidence are part of the public debate and central to government decision-making.

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