Thought Leadership

These are volatile times. For executives who want to lead, not be led, public engagement is increasingly urgent. It calls for much more than an occasional shake of a politician’s hand.

Engagement is op-eds in the newspaper, appearances on TV news and radio talk shows and commentary in social media. It is thoughtful, substantive essays published in business reviews and trade publications. It is keynote speeches that are felt and remembered.

Public engagement is leading the conversation, not reacting to it. TACTIX can help.

A winning engagement strategy starts with a clear goal, be it raising the profile of executives, re-framing a controversy, telling the story of a company’s purpose and values, or moving the needle on public opinion. By getting to know you, your business, and how you see the world, our professionals work with you to create clarity about “why” to engage. Then we shift to “how” best to deploy the many tools available to engage. We are masters of their selection and use.



Team Members


Dan Gardner


As the co-lead of the Risk Communications Practice at TACTIX, Dan Gardner provides the insights and understanding clients value to effectively manage their reputations and steward their products.




Jill Fairbrother

Senior Associate

Jill Fairbrother has an extensive issues management background and provides clients with in-depth advice on media and communications strategies.